Hi I’m Emily Robinson. I’m a Westlake Village divorce attorney and a family law attorney in Westlake Village California.

One thing i wanted to discuss is limited scope representation in divorce.

A lot of times people contact me and they either don’t want to pay for a full-time attorney or don’t need a full-time attorney.

People usually go for this type of unbundled legal service in divorce when:

  • they just have some questions
  • they just want somebody to consult with them
  • the want to be able to contact them (divorce attorney) when they do need some help
  • maybe to do some limited representation or limited paperwork for that

That is a service that we offer for those who are about how to save money on divorce. That is called limited scope representation.

I can serve as a consulting attorney if you do have limited things that you need help with. It tends to be one of the money-saving tips in a divorce and can be a very rewarding and less expensive way to feel that you have your questions answered in the divorce process.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other family law related topics you can go to my video blog at Woodland Hills Divorce Attorney or you can call me at (805) 497-7474. For more queries you can also email a Westlake Divorce Attorney at http://www.westlakedivorceattorney.com/contact.


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