Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Law Office of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills, California. I practise Family Law. I wanted to talk about a Collaborative Law’s case. Most people don’t know about what Collaborative Law is. Collaborative Law is a process that can be used in civil law, or in divorces.

Collaborative Divorce

For example, to have a divorce that is outside of court, without litigation, without going on court appearances. In a collaborative divorce, each party generally has an attorney, and a coach. And then there can be a neutral financial professional who helps the parties to figure out assets and debts are and how to divide them. Usually, everybody will work together to try and come up with a resolution that is beneficial to both parties. A collaborative divorce can be a lot less expensive than going through the courts and having litigation that can be very costly. There’s not as much discovery and actually, there’s really no formal discovery so it saves a lot of money.

It’s a very beneficial process and it’s definitely worth working into if you are planning to pursue a divorce.

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