Hi, I’m Emily Robinson. I’m a family law attorney. I practice with the Dion Law Group in Westlake Village, California. And, as a Westlake Village divorce attorney, sometimes I get asked “What happens if my husband or wife file for divorce and I really don’t want a divorce?”

Well, in California, it is a no faultdivorce state. So if one party request for divorce, then the court will grant the divorce. So if you have been served papers and don’t want the divorce, of course I always recommend you to talk to your spouse and see if you can go to counselling or if there is something you can do to work the marriage out.

But if not, even if you don’t want a divorce you definitely need to respond and be present and be part of your divorce. The reason is because if you are not or if you don’t then your spouse can file a default divorce against you where the court can grant the divorce without your participation.

If that happens the court can award the property, the custody, however the requesting party wants it to be. You will have no say in your own divorce. And, even if you don’t want the divorce, you really don’t want that to happen where you don’t have any say in the process.

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