Hi I’m Emily Robinson. I’m a Westlake Village divorce attorney and a family law attorney in Westlake Village California

One issue that I deal with is out of court settlements in divorce. A lot of people want to work their case out outside of court.

There are many benefits to out of court settlements; it’s usually less expensive, less contentious, but most importantly you can create whatever type of settlement you want.

Advantages of divorce settlements outside of court are also:

  • It can be very creative and it can be something that wouldn’t necessarily happen in the court room.

For example, usually in california because it’s a community property state,

all assets are divided equally as far as any value that they have from between the date of marriage and the date of separation. So whatever community value the asset has is divide equally between the parties.

  • There are emotions involved that don’t come into play in the court room.

For example, you are tied to your house and you don’t want it to be sold and divided

between the parties and you would rather trade that asset for a different asset. Maybe one of you keeps the house and one of you keeps a retirement account. or some trade like that.

Those are things that you can do in an out of court settlement. Your emotional considerations can be taken into account.Whereas in the courtroom, the court might just have both assets divided down the middle to make sure that the values are exactly equal.

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