Hi, I’m Emily Robinson with the Dion Law Group. I’m a family law attorney in Westlake Villagein Woodland Hills California. I get asked a lot on how do I stay out of court. What is the best way to stay out of court?

Well, there’s some options. I mean if you can settle your entire case outside of court through mediators, or just on your own, or through attorneys talking and having settlement conferences; then you can do your entire divorce case without ever stepping foot in the courtroom.

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You can also use arbitration or a private judge where the parties agree to use a private judge out of court. Sometimes it expedite your case, sometimes it helps you to avoid stricter rules that takes a lot of time and money to comply with. And some people like to work things out that way if they need someone to make a decision on their case and they can’t make an agreement on their own

There’s a lot of options for alternative dispute resolution to try and agree on a process to work things out without having to go through the court system.

Different types of alternative dispute resolution:

  1. Mediation in Divorce – This is a great option for parties who want to settle the process between themselves, guided by divorce counsels.
  2. Arbitration – This is like a middle ground between divorce mediation and court litigation. An independent 3rd party will help the two sides reach an agreement for their divorce.
  3. Collaborative Family Law – A fairly new ADR method that is becoming popular. In this option both parties agree that they will not resort to court for the settlement to push them to reach an agreement out of court.

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The court system is great and can help resolve a lot of issues, but a lot of people have anxiety about going in front of a judge, others only limited time and resources that the court have on each case. So these are other options and other case to get your case resolve.
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