Hi, I’m Emily Robinson and I practice family law in Westlake Village with the Dion Law Group in Ventura in Los Angeles Counties in California.

And one topic people ask me about is spousal support in divorce. And spousal support which is also called alimony in divorce by a lot of people is money paid from one spouse to the other to help keep the spouse in the marital standard of living.

A lot of times one spouse earns a lot more than the other or one spouse stays home to take care of the children and doesn’t work and needs some temporary support from the other spouse in order to get by in the process of a divorce.

Sometimes that spouse needs permanent support to get by because they haven’t worked for thirty years. They’ve been raising children, and now they are sixty-five years old and it’s gonna be very hard to get back in the workforce.

So, spousal support is designed to help that spouse to stay on their feet. And it can be ordered by the court or it can be an agreed to number between the parties. If your message is less than 10 years it’s generally paid for half the length of the marriage and if it is more than 10 years it can be paid until the death of either party, remarriage of the supported party or further order of the court or it can potentially go for a lifetime.

For more information on spousal support, you can check out our reference on division of assets and debts.

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