I’m Emily Robinson with the law office of Emily F. Robinson and I’m a family law attorney in Woodland Hills California . A lot of people will contact me about how to prepare documents in divorce for them so that they know that their divorce documents are done correctly.

Unbundled legal services in divorce is an option that I do for people is to just prepare to fill out your documents as opposed to actually representing you. And the benefit of that is you can still hire a divorce attorney and save money if you don’t really need legal advice or an attorney to represent you and you just want somebody to help you fill out your papers. That’s a service that I can provide that is a lot less expensive than hiring an attorney to litigate your case.

I can help prepare your documents from the beginning of the divorce to the end of the divorce. And I can also consult with you on the side when you do have questions about your case.

If you have any questions on this topic or any other family law related topics you can go to my video blog at Woodland Hills Divorce Attorney or you can call me at (805) 497-7474. For more queries you can also email a Westlake Divorce Attorney at http://www.westlakedivorceattorney.com/contact.