Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Dion Law Group, and I practise Family Law in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. In family law, a big part of what we do is Divorce.

People generally want an overview of the divorce process – because they can sound very confusing when you read about it on the internet. There’s a lot of requirements, and things you have to do. The basic process is:

  1. One party will file for divorce. They will get a case number.
  2. They will then get their documents back from the court.
  3. Then they will have those documents served on the other party.
  4. The other party has 30 days to respond to the divorce documents.
  5. Once that party has responded, then the parties will exchange financial, income, and asset information.
  6. Then they will try to workout a settlement.
  7. If you’re unable to workout a settlement, then you will set a trial date.
  8. The court will decide how to divide your property, and your custody issues, and support issues.

In the meantime, while this whole process is going on, because it can take months or years, you can go to court and request temporary support orders, or temporary custody orders so the court can address urgent issues on a more timely basis instead of you having to wait for trial to address custody issues and support issues. Those usually cannot wait months or years for a trial. So you have that relief available to you in the meantime. You can also make temporary agreements in the meantime to get you to that final agreement or trial.

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