Hi! I’m Emily Robinson. I’m a Family Law Attorney and I practise in Westlake Village, California and Woodland Hills, California. One issue that we do in Family Law and Paternity Cases is Child Support. People always want to know how child support is calculated.

Dissomaster Calculate Child Support

We use a computer program called a Dissomaster that calculates child support, and it takes into consideration various factors such as:

  • custodial percentage,
  • incomes,
  • certain pieces of financial information for tax purposes; such as if you own a house your mortgage interest,
  • property taxes,
  • what you pay for health insurance,
  • and various other factors.

These numbers can always be put into a computer program that will help to determine guideline child support. And the court can use that to decide what the appropriate amount of child support is. If one parent is paying for daycare expenses or child care expenses so that he or she can work, that would also be put into the equation because those should be split between the parties.

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