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One interesting topic that has come up a lot in my practice lately is date of separation. People are always asking: What date did I separate for the purposes of divorce or legal separation. A very unclear answer is there are many factors that can determine your date of separation. However, a case recently came out this year that indicates that if you are still living in the same house, then you are not separated for purposes of filing for divorce or legal separation.

date of separation in divorce

This is very different from how the state of the law used to be. So it has had a big effect on a lot of cases, and it’s made people think very differently about whether they’re separated or not. But one interesting thing is a lot of people think that before you file for divorce, you need to do something to legally separate, as far as filing paperwork. And that’s not the case. The date of separation does not come about because you filed a specific document that can, but that’s not the requirement for you to be legally separated.

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