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One issue that I see in cases when parties are splitting up and their children go to private school. There’s a question of, “Is there enough money to keep paying for private school, and what do we do about that?”.

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Because public schools are available, courts will tend not to order one parent to pay for private school, unless there are special needs or some reason that a child needs to go to a private school. Sometimes part of private school tuition might be for before and after school care. That could be considered a child’s care expense. That could be divided between the parties. But private school tuition that takes the place of free public school will not be ordered by the court because there’s a free option available.

That doesn’t mean though that parties cannot agree on the side to pay for private school, or split the cost of private school. And you can make that agreement as part of your divorce, and file it with the court and it will be a court order. The parties can honor that.

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