Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Law Offices of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills, California. I practise Family Law and I get asked a lot about  Attorney Fees.

In Family Law cases, a lot of times one party if they earn more money can be ordered to pay the other party’s attorney fees. That can happen pretty early on in the case. However if you need to come up with initial deposit to pay an attorney’s retainer, you might have to borrow that money originally in order to get into court the first time to ask for attorney fees.

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Attorney Fees in Divorce

But then a lot of times the judge will award you attorney’s fees  and you can payback whoever you owed the initial money. Or that money can go to your attorney if you haven’t fully paid your attorney. It can also go to you to reimburse you for your attorney cost.

Courts also can award attorney fees as sanctions if the other party has sanctionable conduct or if the parties have not followed the rules of court, or things that they were ordered to do by the court. So there’s two ways that the court can order attorney’s fees:

  1. Either based on needs, or based on;
  2. Sanctionable conduct

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