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Legal Separation

Something that has been important recently with the courts is because of budget cuts and things like that. It can get a very long time to get a divorce judgement back. The case is all done and you’ve submitted all the paperwork. It’s going to take months to get your divorce judgement back, which means you’re not divorced for more months and you’re waiting in all of that time. It can also take very long to get a court date if you need court relief while you’re going through a divorce. The courts are doing their best to fit everybody in but there are a lot of people and very high demand.

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So one thing that people have been doing is going to private judges. And private judges can do mediation. They can do arbitration. They can do a full trial outside of a regular court system. But a full trial where they make rulings. And they make decisions. And it’s just as good as having a non-private judge do it. So that’s a way to have the case heard faster, and to not necessarily have to wait for another’s availability in a regular court house.

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