Hi! I’m Emily Robinson of the Dion Law Group. I practise Family Law in Ventura County and Los Angeles Counties. I want to talk a little bit about the benefit of hiring a local attorney. Sometimes people wonder, is it beneficial to hire an attorney that tends to practice in my County. California attorneys are licensed to practice in the entire state and the county of the state. Or there can be benefits to hiring an attorney that knows your county.


hiring a local divorce attorney in westlake village california


For example, if you are in a Los Angeles County, and you hired an attorney that works a lot in the Los Angeles County. That attorney will probably the judges in your county. And that attorney has probably worked with the judges before and knows what they like and don’t like; what their pet peevs are. They can match their argument style to mesh with what they know what that judge likes to hear. That won’t necessarily win your case, but it is a benefit to you because that attorney knows how to not trigger the pet peevs of that judge and, how to make arguments for you in your case that would be receptive.


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Another benefit to hiring a local attorney is that attorney knows the resources in that county. That attorney can get you connected with child support services if you need child support. Help you get connected with legal aid for legal help, and various other services in the county.



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