Hi I’m Emily Robinson with the law offices of Emily F. Robinson. I’m a family law attorney in Woodland Hills California.

I wanted to talk a little bit about your options for hiring an attorney to do a divorce.

You can hire a divorce attorney to do your full case. That could include going to court, settling, and whatever you need done on your case.

Another option that saves a lot of money is going for unbundled legal services in divorce or hiring an attorney to do parts of your case. You can hire an attorney in limited scope to just do one or two different things on your case. You can also hire an attorney to just do your paperwork and not to go to court for you but to just help you on the side, to consult with, to make sure that things are filed correctly and filled out correctly.

That’s an option that’s a lot cheaper than hiring an attorney to do your whole case.

So if you don’t feel that you need representation or someone to go to court for you, you can go with that option and it will save you a lot of money on your case.

I offer all of these different options so that people can find a way to be able to have a divorce attorney participation in their case but not break their budget.

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