Hi, I’m Emily Robinson with Law Offices of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills California. I am Woodland Hills Family Attorney and a big aspect of family law is divorce. I wanted to mention a little bit about the emotional aspects of divorce because, unfortunately, those don’t always come to play into litigation and the court but they are very important and very real. And, being emotional can definitely hold up a divorce case. It can make it a lot longer. It can make settlements discussion in divorce difficult. It is a true aspect of divorce that needs to be dealt with.

When I meet with my clients as a Woodland Hills Divorce Lawyer, if they are having a difficult time emotionally, I generally recommend that they find a good therapist that can help them talk through their issues. Because when you are going through divorce it is a very traumatic and difficult time in your life, and a therapist can really help make it easier.
California is a no-fault divorce state. When one party wants the divorce, even if the other party doesn’t want the divorce, the divorce will still happen and that can be a difficult emotional hurdle for people. So, if you really don’t want the divorce, then I especially that you talk with a therapist because they will help you through the process through the process, help you come to terms with divorce because the divorce will keep going whether you are able to keep going with it or not. You have to find a way to be emotionally be there and competently deal with the issues in your divorce and go through litigation or work through settlements in divorce. And, a really great therapist will help you to be able to go through that and to feel to be better about the process and the result.

Benefits of going to a therapist when going through a divorce:

A therapist can help you cope up with every stage of the divorce process. So whether to you are still thinking about getting a divorce or you are right in the middle of the process, a therapist can help you process your emotions as you go through every stage.

  1. Disillusionment on the marriage – This is the stage when a person only sees the bad things about their marriage, and a therapist can keep you from being bias and see things more accurately.
  1. Expressing Dissatisfaction – This divorce stage id filled with hurt, guilt, and confusion. A therapist can keep you level-minded help you go through the storm of emotions that you must be experiencing.
  1. Starting the litigation – This stage is full of anxiety, stress, and fear. A therapist can be your sounding board as you go through settlements, court appearances, and attorney conferences. And they can help you cope up with the social effects of the divorce such as reaction of friends and family.
  1. Acceptance – It can be that divorce process if over or near its end. But during the acceptance stage, your therapist can be your ally as you start to move on and start a new life.

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