Who Gets Pet in Divorce?

There will be very few families here in the Los Angeles which will not have a family pets in their house. Pets are adorable and lovely. With their beautiful looks and affection for the members of the family, they become a part of the family too. It is very unfortunate that law considers pets as a property. This is why they are transferred to one of the two parties, in an incident of divorce.

If there isn’t any mutual understanding between the divorcing parties on who keeps the pets, upon the divorce, then court listens to the views of both the parties and decides who gets their ownership. This could be a tricky situation and can cost a good amount of time and fortune.

But, if there is a mutual understanding between the divorcees upon the possession of the pet then you can devise agreements about it. Emily Robinson is the best divorce lawyer in Los Angeles and can help you prepare agreements over the custody of the pets.

There are multiple types of agreements which could be prepared and included in your divorce papers. Some of them are;

  • Pet Custody Agreement: The agreement decides the person who keeps the family pets after divorce. After it is signed, both the parties are required to respect and observe this agreement.
  • Pet Visitation Agreement: As we have said pets are a part of the family. Therefore, you will like it paying them a visit every now and then after divorce. This agreement specifies days and time when you can go to your former spouse’s house and meet the pet.
  • Pet Support Agreement: An agreement over the pet support can also be signed. This determines the amount of money which both parties are required to pay after the divorce for the care of pets.

The best practice is to design these agreements under the supervision of experienced professionals like Emily Robinson (Divorce Attorney, Westlake Village CA). The written agreements are prepared and then filed in the court as a part of your divorce. By writing things down, as an agreement, you can save yourself from post-divorce issues over the possession of the pets.

We know you love your pets and consider them to be a part of your family. Many of you might treat them just like your own kids. We totally respect this. This is why we want to save you from psychological strains which you might face over pet ownership after your divorce.

Emily Robinson and her team personnel are more than ready to help you out in the process. As a renowned Sherman Oak Divorce Attorney, she can help you devise strategies with which you can develop positive situations not only for yourself but for your pets as well.

We are a dedicated team which puts client satisfaction at the top of our list of priorities. For more details, you can directly talk to Emily Robinson by calling 805 497 7474. You can also learn more about pet ownership, after divorce, by logging on to our website www.westlakedivorceattorney.com.