Hi I’m Emily Robinson I’m a family law attorney in Woodland Hills in Westlake Village California.

Here are some questions people ask me about their divorce:

  • Where to file divorce?
  • Which courthouse should I file in?
  • How do I know where to open my divorce case?

You can go online, for example Los Angeles County Court website if you’re in Los Angeles county and put in your zip code or city and it will tell you which courthouse to file in./

But it will be based on your zip code or the area that you live in.

If you do live in Los Angeles county, you can also file for divorce downtown at the downtown courthouse. Some counties are easier, for example, Ventura county, there’s only one courthouse for divorce cases and you will file them in that courthouse.

But it is determined by the county in which you live and a lot of times by the zip code or area of that county in which you live. You’ll be filing for divorce in the county that you lived in for at least the last three months.

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