Hi I’m Emily Robinson. I’m a Westlake Village divorce attorney and a family law attorney in Westlake Village California.

One divorce issue that comes up a lot is when people ask me do all divorces go on trial? Is it gonna be like on TV where you see the jury and the judge and I have to litigate my entire case.

The answer to that is no. Most divorces never go to trial.

Most people can settle on outside of court divorce. This is beneficial because it’s cheaper and it’s sometimes more effective if you’re able to have your interests meet and come up with a solution on how to divide all of your property and make custody arrangements and anything else that comes up in your divorce.

Some cases do go to trial. If that’s the case, you do not have a jury. There are no juries in family law but you will have a judge who will decide the issues in your case. Trial would be the last step of your case. And before that you will go through the whole process of exchanging income and asset information, trying to settle and negotiate, and seeing if you can make any agreements on any issues that are possibly temporary, motions pending the final trial for custody and support, and various other issues that can arise.

But I would say that most divorces are divorce without trials and most people settle divorce outside of court. As a family law attorney, I can mediate for you to get the best/creative agreements you’re your family when it comes to divorce and family settlements.

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