Divorce trials in Los Angeles are very common. You surely know or have heard about someone who has gone through a difficult divorce trial.

Hi, I’m Emily Robinson with the Law Offices of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills, California. I want to talk a little bit about trial today because a lot of people have asked me about going to trial. I am a family law attorney and so most of my cases are divorce or paternity cases.

Very few cases actually go to trial. Most cases settle before trial. Trial is very expensive. It’s very intense for the parties, it requires a lot of preparation, and of attorney’s fees. And sometimes, children may testify in trial and parties don’t always want that to happen.

So, most of the time, to keep costs down and to preserve the community assets as much as possible, parties will settle before trial. Some cases do go to trial and in those cases, a trial can be anywhere from a couple of hours to multiple days depending on which properties being divided in the trial, if there are custody issues, or if there support issues.

But most cases tend to settle before the trial. The court pushes the parties to settle before trial if possible because it’s the most cost-effective way to resolve the case. And, also, it is usually best for the children if you can settle the case instead of having a judge telling you what’s going to happen to your children and to all of your properties.

I work with parties to try and settle the case before trial. And if we can’t settle, then we go to trial. But most cases do end up settling before a trial.

As much as possible, parties should aim for settling your divorce instead of going to trial. It will save you money, resources, and negative emotions that a trial can conjure. A trial should be the last resort to resolve a divorce process.
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