Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Dion Law Group, and I practise Family Law in Woodland Hills, and Westlake Village, California.

One thing that I try to talk to clients about is the various professionals that are going to be really helpful as you go about the divorce. Of course, the divorce attorney is a very helpful professional. But you also might want to talk to a therapist, because you’re going through a lot of emotional issues. You might want to talk to a financial advisor, about how to split up money and assets, and what’s gonna be most beneficial for you. For the same reasons, possibly a CPA or an accountant. If you’re considering a bankruptcy, you might want to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

Professionals to help in divorce

You also might want to talk to a therapist for your children. If your children are really struggling with divorce, there are lots of professionals that specialize in helping children. There’s also co-parenting counselors, that help you work with your spouse throughout the divorce. There’s also mediators who can help you resolve the divorce outside of court.

So there’s a wide variety of professionals who can help you with divorce. And after the divorce, you definitely want to talk to an estate planning attorney so you can decide on how to redo your will and trust to reflect your new assets, and new beneficiaries that you want to name after your divorce is over.


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