Hi! I’m Emily Robinson. I practise Family Law with the Dion Law Group in Westlake Village, California.

One big part of Family Law is dividing your assets in a divorce. People tend to ask me “How can I make this divorce go fast; and how can I be prepared to meet with you?” One thing that you could do that really helps things go quickly and smoothly is to have a list of all of your assets when you come to your initial consultation with a potential attorney.

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1) Make a list of your assets – everything that you know that you have; the balances of all the accounts. That will help the attorney to be able to tell you how things are generally divided. What the estate looks like in general. What the community property laws are surrounding your assets.

2) You should also include a list of your debts – as that’s something else that will have to be divided in your divorce.


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