Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Law Offices of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills, California. I practice Family Law. One of the issues in Family Law is child custody. I wanted to mention about conciliation court. Conciliation court is a service offered through a court system. Whenever somebody files a motion for custody or visitation, they are sent to a conciliation court to try to mediate a matter beforehand.


conciliation court child custody



The purpose of a conciliation court is to give the parties an opportunity to sit down and talk, and try to workout their custody issues together, because it’s much better for the parents to decide on a custody schedule for the children, than for a judge to order a custody schedule. The parents know their kids the best. Parents understand their ongoing family situation. Unfortunately, a judge doesn’t know all of the facts in your life, and even if you tell a judge, there’s no way a judge can learn all of the facts in your life in an hour or however much time you have to present your case to the court.

So conciliation court is an opportunity to try and work it out together. These services are offered through the Lost Angeles court system. Others are also mediation service through the Ventura Court system. They’re all free and they’re all mandatory before going to any type of custody hearing.

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