Hi! I’m Emily Robinson, with the Dion Law Group. I practise Family Law in Westlake Village and Woodland Hills, California. Usually, when people come to see me, they think they’re going to be litigating their divorce. But there are other options out there. And one option is to have a collaborative divorce.

A collaborative divorce entails working with your spouse and a team, and agreeing to not litigate the case. But to work it out outside of court, in a positive way that will benefit your family and your children – because you’re not going to spend the money that requires for court and litigation. And you’re going to make a mission statement at the beginning. Hopefully, you’d be able to complete that process sticking to that mission statement, which will help to keep your family intact and your kids feeling good about the divorce instead of negative. Like they’re being put in the middle and pulled all different directions. And with the team behind you which will include attorneys, financial experts, and mental health professionals – you’ll be able to accomplish that task much less expensive than it would be to litigate. And usually, people end up feeling much more fulfilled at the end than they would with a regular litigation case where a lot of times neither party is happy with the result.

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