Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Law Offices of Emily F. Robinson in Woodland Hills, California. I practise Family Law and Family Law involves custody, and co-parenting issues.

A lot of clients have trouble with co-parenting. When you’re going through divorce, it can be very hard to work out your differences regarding how you want to raise the children. What custody schedule you want? What religion you’re gonna raise the children? There are a lot of questions and issues that people struggle with.

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Psychologytoday.com offers these 10 principles when co-parenting with an ex-spouse to make sure children are raised as normal and as healthy as possible:

  1. Be there for your children, both physically and emotionally
  2. Talk with your children about the divorce.
  3. Let children be children. Don’t involve children in adult problems.
  4. Support the other parent’s role and relationship with your children.
  5. Speak about and act in a respectful manner toward the other parent, especially in front of your children.
  6. Wherever possible, maintain open communication channels with the other parent.
  7. Maintain your child’s community of support.
  8. Educate yourself about children’s needs, co-parenting options, and community resources.
  9. Seek out formal and informal sources of co-parenting support.
  10. Maintain your own health and well-being as a priority.

There are some great co-parenting classes. Some are offered by the court; while some are offered by individual therapists. They’re some great marriage and family therapists that have classes that parents can sign-up for. These classes are really wonderful because they teach people the skills that you need to effectively co-parent with somebody when you may not like that person at the moment, when you’re going through a divorce or difficult time. So I definitely recommend these classes.

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