Hi, I’m Emily Robinson from the Dion Law Group. I practice family law in Westlake Village and Woodland Hills California. Part of family law and litigation is also engaging in settlement discussions in divorce. There are many opportunities during your case to try and settle and work out an agreement with the other party. Not only is it encouraged that you settle, but there are actually court rules that require you to try and settle especially in custody cases.

People sometimes ask me: What is the benefit of settling because I can’t even talk to my spouse, I just want the judge to make a decision for me?

One of the benefits of settlingis that you get to be really creative in your solutions. Whereas the judge might just give standard order or something that the court generally orders for people but may not work for your family. If you have a strange work schedule and you need a custody schedule that accommodates your work schedule.

The court sees hundreds of people a day and don’t have the time to spend hours and hours crafting a creative schedule for you. But with the help of attorneys and spending some time discussing and trying to settle a case, you can create a schedule or a financial plan or whatever it is that you need to do that works for your family. And maybe isn’t just cookie-cutter standard approach.

Benefits of Settlement Discussion in Divorce according to a Westlake Divorce Attorney:

  • You can achieve creative solutions to custody or financial issues.
  • You can create unique arrangements that will fit your schedule.
  • You can customize arrangement that will work for the needs and resources of your family.
  • You don’t have to force a cookie-cutter standard approach to you family.


Some tips during your settlements in divorce:

  • Do not let anger cloud your judgement.
  • Keep expectations rational.
  • Learn to neutralize the situation when faced with an ultimatum.
  • Don’t make the settlement about revenge.
  • Always negotiate in person and not via email or phone.

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