It is a popular opinion that mediation in divorce can be quite expensive. Divorce is not only emotionally gruelling but it can also strain your bank account as well. However, looking for an affordable divorce attorney in LAshould not feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hi! I’m Emily Robinson with the Dion Law Group. I practice family law in Woodland Hills and Westlake Village, California.

One part of family law is divorce. And, I get asked a lot: How do I get an affordable divorce?  I really need a help of an attorney, but I can’t afford one because it is, you know, a 10,000 retainer and how am I suppose to come up with that?

One thing that I offer is limited scope type of representation where I can consult with you on the side and help you prepare papers and you do some of the legwork of your own case. That way, we can really keep the cost down and make it a lot cheaper for you.

We can kind of piecemeal the case and you can pay for the parts that you need help with. And the parts that you don’t need help with; you can do on your own. That provides you a lot of flexibility in figuring out what you can afford and how to budget your case.

With our law firm, mediation in divorce can be affordable:
1) Pay for only the parts that you need help
2) Get a flexible type of representation
3) Create a budget for your divorce that you can afford

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