Hi! I’m Emily Robinson of the Dion Law Group. I practise Family Law in Ventura and Los Angeles, County in California. I wanted to discuss the topic of mediation. People call me a lot about mediation. They ask me what it is and if it could work for them.


Mediation is a tool that you can use in litigation, whether it’s a family law case or not. But we do use it in Family Law. It can be used with litigation, or instead of litigation. It’s a settlement tool where the parties can meet with a neutral mediator who does not represent either side, and can help the parties to work out an agreement outside of court. Saves a lot of court time and money. Sometimes it’s hard to get a court date, and so your case can be resolved quicker if you do it with litigation.


advantages of mediation

It can be used as a tool in litigation before your court date – to give you one last shot to work things out. Or both parties can commit to a mediation instead of a litigation outside of court and try to work things out together. We can have multiple mediation sessions. You don’t have to do it in one shot. You can do it in multiple, different sessions.


In a mediation, you work with a neutral mediator. Parties can be represented by their own attorney or be unrepresented. There’s a lot of different ways that a mediation can work but parties generally like the fact that it’s less expensive than a litigation process. And it allows you to make your own agreements and your own settlements without a judge telling you what has to be done.


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